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April 2010 - David Overton's Blog

  • Guy Kewney – a sad loss

    I got my daily update from the Register today to read about the sad loss of the journalist Guy Kewney .  I met Guy on several occasions in my work with SBS 2003 and I remember his desire to understand how it impacted people and their ability to have a happy successful business.  He occasionally contacted me on IM and I particularly remember one phone call when I was at a conference in Miami and he was having network problems.  The call took nearly 2 hours as we walked through the setup of SBS and then resolved the networking issues.  It was baking for me which is why I remember it, but Guy patiently worked through each issue until he had a system fit for review.  I’ve only worked with 2 or 3 journalists over the years who showed dedication to getting the information right rather than doing something very quick.   Guy, you will be missed. David

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