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  • Re: Backup Failiure

    Heya there Dave, Still pulling hair out, but I've come across a different error this weekend that sparks a memory as something to do with the storage pool... I need to go have a google about and find the page that mentioned it... But I have run Isinteg and eseutil for a defrag and check to no better results either (and boy, was that slightly worrying
    Posted to SBS 2003 (Forum) by Jules Wilko on Mon, May 8 2006
  • Re: Backup Failiure

    Heya there David, It wasn't the full "copy and paste" I will give you a copy and paste from the current issues. But I've just been talking about this at the group tonight, I'm finding that fairly simulatenously the SBS built in backups have gone to the dogs... And all hanging on the Exchange backup for the Information Store. Its really really really
    Posted to SBS 2003 (Forum) by Jules Wilko on Wed, Apr 26 2006
  • Re: Want to forward all e-mail for a particular user account to internal or external e-mail addresses

    Hello Dave, Do you know any Exchange side way of automatically either CC:ing or BCC:ing someone into every outbound email? I know you can set up a rule with Outlook that works more or less, but what about with OWA? Cheers Jules
    Posted to SBS 2003 (Forum) by Jules Wilko on Mon, Apr 3 2006
  • Backup Failiure

    Heya there guys, Got this interesting backup fail message on a server the other night, and I can't see a particular reason why it has failed... Unless it is either down to a fail of the user account or the media... Or is it Exchange thats failing... The SBS Backup log, and related event logs are below... Any thoughts? I've had a google around and it
    Posted to SBS 2003 (Forum) by Jules Wilko on Mon, Apr 3 2006
  • Re: Vista Beta for SBSC?

    Andrew, You can always register for the Beta, or subscribe to Technet. Reminds me, I wonder if the SBSC can get a good discount on Technet subscriptions? ;-) I see certifed partners get a good discount - any chance of that getting that the SBSC? (Just cos I am big geek and I love my current works Technet arrivals!) Cheers Jules
    Posted to Windows XP (Forum) by Jules Wilko on Tue, Mar 21 2006
  • Re: Slow system & a dodgy idea!

    Heya there Paulie, That tab is disabled as the controller is a hardware one, and the write behind cache settings are set from the hardware BIOS. It does improve IDE performance, but for various Gods sakes, don't do it without a UPS on the server without software to tell the server to shut down. I've had a few play servers kill themselves down to this
    Posted to SBS 2003 (Forum) by Jules Wilko on Tue, Mar 21 2006
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