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  • Word 2007 Default font issue

    Hi Guys Heres one for ya all sent to me by our first full vista and 2007 client. “When you open word as a programme, any default settings (eg. Font, pitch) that have been set by the user automatically appear correctly. However, if you are already working in Word and open a new document when in an appropriate folder, by right click, new, Word document
    Posted to Office 2007 (Forum) by Matt Frye on Thu, May 24 2007
  • Domain user rights issue

    Hi all having installed Vista (RC2) dual boot on my Laptop i then connected to my work domain via VPN - nice local logon, RPC over Http, VPN all work well. i have however noticed one Issue, when not connected via VPN or physically connected to the (work) network, my domain user does not have admin rights on the laptop. if i look in computer management
    Posted to Windows Vista (Forum) by Matt Frye on Sun, Nov 5 2006
  • Re: sbsmonitoring database

    have had another instance crop up! so any help people would be much appreciated. David did u comment on this post or is it another David (only acouple of davids about im lead to beleive LOL) http://msmvps.com/blogs/bradley/archive/2005/02/04/34984.aspx if so does this help with the actual file size of the data? if not please go back to rest and recoperation
    Posted to Windows SharePoint Services (Forum) by Matt Frye on Wed, Sep 6 2006
  • sbsmonitoring database

    Hi all and firstly thanks Dave for this invaluable resource! and your input at the SBS WOE a few months ago. We have a couple of clients running WSS nicely on their SBS servers but both of them have called in with network issues recently. on investigation i found that their SBS monitoring database had grown to over a Gb and had killed the servers disk
    Posted to Windows SharePoint Services (Forum) by Matt Frye on Sat, Aug 26 2006
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