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  • Re: Windows 7 deleteing bug

    This is looking like a permissions based problem. The folder on the server has full access to 'me' - the user, the system etc. However while watching W7 delete I was also refreshing the servers shared folder / open files screen and seeing was being accessed. What appears to be happening is that the open mode is showing "Read" and "no
    Posted to Windows Vista (Forum) by tezfair on Wed, Sep 30 2009
  • Re: Windows 7 deleteing bug

    David, Its SBS 2003 std on a Fujitsu Seimens box, fully patched. I ran the same test from another computer this morning and its gone through successfully, so I need to figure out what is different between my laptop and a desktop that would cause the problem on one machine and not the other. Only major difference is that I use a USB docking station.
    Posted to Windows Vista (Forum) by tezfair on Tue, Sep 29 2009
  • Re: Windows 7 deleteing bug

    Hi David I have been able to reproduce the error again this evening but in this case I only backed-up a small portion of the laptop, however the results appear to be the same. I still think its something to do with the junction points, as while I watch it, its as if it loops, for example, I watch it delete Name: 0 then 1 then 2 then 0 then 1 then 2
    Posted to Windows Vista (Forum) by tezfair on Mon, Sep 28 2009
  • Windows 7 deleteing bug

    Upgraded (not a fresh install) to MAPS Windows 7 over the weekend and had a little play, but this morning found a rather interesting bug. I use a script with robocopy to backup my laptop to SBS 2003 and then shutdown. This morning I found it paused due to the drive on the server being full. So within W7 I UNC'ed to the laptop folder to delete my
    Posted to Windows Vista (Forum) by tezfair on Mon, Sep 28 2009
  • Re: Dual booting

    David, Its a step in the wrong direction. everything is counter productive and hard to navigate around. People work in a way that have been doing for many years and suddenly what used to work efficiently now has people thinking, for example, the classic start menu. Im sure people complain that the classic view was pants but when im running Vista, im
    Posted to Windows Vista (Forum) by tezfair on Tue, Feb 3 2009
  • Re: Dual booting

    Hi Willow, Looking at the date you added the query its likely that you have already gone ahead and done something, but if you are stil in the same position let me tell all. In order to dual boot you need to have the hard drive partitioned, this will give a drive for each operating system. However unless you get something like partition magic you will
    Posted to Windows Vista (Forum) by tezfair on Mon, Feb 2 2009
  • Re: SBS 2008 features

    Im planning to use the downgrade feature of SBS 2008 to keep selling 2003 as I have yet to be convinced that 2008 is better. Its all fine with technet saying that UPNP will configure ports on firewalls etc, but UPNP is dangerous so im not convinced its the best thing to suggest. Also the doubling of the cost for less apps doesn't make sense. i.e
    Posted to SBS 2008 (Forum) by tezfair on Tue, Nov 4 2008
  • Re: SBS 2008 and backup mirror?

    Im pretty sure this isn't possible, both in terms of the role of the single SBS box and licensing. your describing clustering which I don't believe is possible under any SBS / EBS version. Only chance you have (and I have yet to try it out) is to Hyper V your domain and take snapshots and vpn those back to say an XP machine or basic server,
    Posted to SBS 2008 (Forum) by tezfair on Tue, Nov 4 2008
  • Re: MS Office 2007 upgrade

    Stick with access 2003. Access 2007 and the ribbons will drive you mad you could perform an upgrade and keep the earlier versions - good when you need to go back to earlier versions Tez
    Posted to Office 2007 (Forum) by tezfair on Mon, Sep 8 2008
  • Re: How does a user change the computer's company name?

    Most of the apps you have installed will have picked up the name from the registry and embedded itself into itself so they may be impossible to remove, but the first place to start is a seach of the registry for 'Hewlett-Packard', especially under the 'setup' secftion. I can't remember off the top of my head where it is, but as a
    Posted to Windows Vista (Forum) by tezfair on Mon, May 26 2008
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