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Access 2007 Configuration when first run

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Turky69 Posted: Thu, Feb 12 2009 1:28 PM

Hi guys,

I have a Windows Server 2003 TS farm running Office XP on the base build.  I am trying to install access 2007 to the base to facilitate an upgraded app.

The app does quite a few irritating things, the most annoying being that it performs a HTTP call to a remote DB, when it does this it starts a service of some description...  I have been trying to use Softgrid to deliver Access 2007 to avoid putting it on to the base but am getting no joy because Softgrid (4.1) cannot cope with runing services.

So ..... I am forced into puting it onto the base.  It runs the Configuration/setup when I load a 2007 file.  After this it won't run again until someone runs a 2003 file.  Then 2003 does the same and runs the installer,  once they have finished, if anyone wants to get back into the 2007 files they have to wait for the insaller to finish.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop this?  I have been told that the Office Res Kit may be of use but am not sure.  I have tried hacking the registry both manually and using SUBINACL with no useful results.

Any suggestions will be most appreciated !




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