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Migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 - AD Copy portion stalling...

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aggiedan97 posted on Sun, Jan 3 2010 2:45 AM

I have successfully followed every step of migration from the 'legacy' sbs2003 server (A) to the new sbs2008 server (B). Everything has been working almost exactly as you indicated.

After OS install, B has located the answer file on a USB drive and it has worked as described.  There were almost half a dozen restarts on B until the progress bar got to about 15% across (actually about 1" across the screen out of 7" - 8". 

The dialog with the progress bar is labeled 'Expanding and Installing Files'.  About every 30 minutes a pop-up message appears describing how the AD copy (or maybe replication) is taking longer than expected...  You may choose to continue to wait for this operation to complete or skip this step.  Click Yes to continue to wait or No to skip... 

I realize I have not typed this 100% exactly as it is described, but I can copy the exact verbage the next time it appears. 

Total wait time thus far is 3:45 minutes and the progress bar has not moved and the previous described pop-up appears every 30 minutes or so.  One would think if I was willing to wait previously that it wouldn't ask me again unless it is looping, failing or something that there is no alert for.

Any ideas or help would be tremendously appreciated.


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Several things spring to mind for me.  I would check:

  • AD on the SBS 2003 box - did you run the SBA tests?
  • Time - did you sync the time between the two machine?



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