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MS SBS 2008 hangs after 53 updates are applied

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archerstephen posted on Mon, May 10 2010 4:18 PM

I just migrated from SBS 2003 to 2008 using David's book.

Everything went well until i started the first updates for the sbs server

the server hanged at configuring updates: Stage3 of 3 0%

I've read in another blog that restarting the server in safe mode could solve this issue, I did and at first it looked good installation progress went to 100% but after that nothing......restarting in normal mode gives the previous message (configuring updates: Stage3 of 3 0%) So im stuck with a server that does not work.

My question can i reinstall the sbs 2008   and do the migration again without ruining anything ??

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I would phone Microsoft support and see if they will help you without charging.  Applying updates should not cause this type of issue.


Failing that, what hardware and other software are you using?



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Hi David

Thanks for your reply.

New Hardware is a Dell R510 server old hardware is an older Dell server with a dell TL2000 robotic tape library

Is it possible to re-image the new server and start the migration again using answer file without using the backup? (like demoting new server & startin a new migration)

Software used is MS SBS 2003 & Symantec Backup exec 12 for windows servers small business edition. (Any tips on what i should restores from backup (system state ??)) if this is the only way to go Crying


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