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SBS2008 Remote Web Workplace

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SteveC posted on Fri, Jun 22 2012 11:19 PM

Hi All,

I have a problem with my RWW and I’m hoping you can help! 

I have a nice little server that’s all set-up and working really well, I have been able to leave my office PC on and then go home and connect via RWW and continue what I was doing, great………………. Until Saturday!


I was working from home as normal when suddenly the PC at work started to shut down (I’m suspecting windows update), due to this I lost my connection. I gave it a while and tried to log back in to but no joy it said the pc I wanted to connect to was switched off or not available.

So I thought I’d see if this was actually true as I also have Teamviewer installed (strictly non-commercial use of course!) Up it popped and sure enough my office PC had rebooted and was waiting for me to log on, I did this via Teamviewer and tried to log on to the office pc again using RWW but still not joy, although it would still let me log on to the server and a number of other PC's


So the following day I rebooted the office pc and tried RWW again  - still no joy, RWW still thinks it’s turned off!

Tried to log on to the Office PC from another internal PC - still no joy, RWW still thinks it’s turned off!

Using the Office PC, I thought I’d try the connection the other way so while on the Office PC I logged on to RWW to access the server – worked fine!


In summary I can connect via RWW to any of my work PC’s except my office PC but I can still use my office PC to connect to any of my other work pc’s, I’ve not changed any settings but I do suspect a Windows update related issue but this may be just cos it rebooted my office PC.


I’d be most grateful for any help and advise you can offer.

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