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Domain user rights issue

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Matt Frye Posted: Sun, Nov 5 2006 9:45 PM

Hi all

having installed Vista (RC2) dual boot on my Laptop

i then connected to my work domain via VPN - nice

local logon, RPC over Http, VPN all work well.

i have however noticed one Issue, when not connected via VPN or physically connected to the (work) network, my domain user does not have admin rights on the laptop.

if i look in computer management users and groups administrators group. I get the 'domain\username'(s-1-5-21-??????????-?????????-???????????-????) account. and one other s-1-5-21-??????????-?????????-???????????-???? Account.
If i then connect to the vpn the accounts appear correctly my domain account and the domain admin acount. and i have rights.
odly if i disconnect then the accounts remain and correct. but when i reboot they are incorrect again.

Have i done something wrong in the setup?
or is anyone else having the same issue?

cheers people

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Matt, have you upgraded to the RTM code?  I haqve never seen this problem providing cached credentials are used and they must be for you to log onto the domain when not connected.

Let me know if it carries on.



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