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BCM 2007 - shared across multiple offices?

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mmoranuk Posted: Wed, Feb 28 2007 12:05 AM


A client wants to use BCM 2007 in a shared environment based on SBS R2 Premium. Happy with how to set that up.

However, they also have a second site which will probably have a W2K3 server (DC) or a second SBS server (although this is not recommended based upon the SBSMultsrv document in the doc library on this site).

What is the best way to ensure the remote office has speedy, reliable access to BCM also? Will it require some sort of DB replication? Will this be fast enough over DSL?

Thanks in advance.


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craigap replied on Wed, Sep 26 2007 10:45 PM
Hi Mark You are correct in as much as you cant have more than one SBS on the same domain. With a second site, why not consider using terminal services with a new server running S2003? This should be a lot quicker than trying to synchronise across a DSL connection. HTH CP
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