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Word 2007 Default font issue

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Matt Frye Posted: Thu, May 24 2007 1:05 PM

Hi Guys

Heres one for ya all sent to me by our first full vista and 2007 client.

“When you open word as a programme, any default settings (eg. Font, pitch) that have been set by the user automatically appear correctly.  However, if you are already working in Word and open a new document when in an appropriate folder, by right click, new, Word document, then the user set defaults do not appear.”


i know this is a slightly "Cack?" handed way of doing it but admin girls will be admin girls and it seemed to work ok in 2003 is their anyway  of setting this?


on an overall note Office 2007 (and Vista) has been received well and has very minor niggles only - so far. 




Matt frye
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What are you trying to achieve?  Not loading the default settings?


Also, would be great to get some more information about your Vista and Office usage - might be able to get a joint case study done with Microsoft.




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