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Maxibo Posted: Sat, Jun 7 2008 9:43 PM

Now its available to all, how about starting up one of the first public forums.


I got one question about backup... Strong beliver of tapes but now not supporting what is the poor PA meant to do now when the external HDD do not fit in her handbag.

Seriously though, apart from now having to buy 3rd party, what was Microsoft thinking about transporting backup media offsite, external HDD are very delicate if dropped.


 p.s feel free to move this to new 2008 forum... lol

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SBS 2008 forum created as suggested!!

On the USB drives - yes, 3rd party software will enable tapes, but otherwise I suspect that most disk drives lock the heads when powered down - all of mine do, thus making them less fragile, however even with tapes, many customers never used to take them off-site, so not making things worse!!

Either way there are choices and education required to ensure a great experience.  You can also look at off-site, over the wire backups.  Give is a few years and I suspect these will be extrememly common.




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