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Spectra Posted: Wed, Jul 9 2008 3:09 PM


 I have seen a post in which David says he back up on to a couple of USB drives, will any USB drives work? the reason I ask is that I checked with Seagate support and they say their USB drives will not, and I cannot find anyone who actually says their drives will work with SBS or Server 2003.



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tezfair replied on Mon, Sep 8 2008 12:48 PM

Any USB Hard drive will work as its seen as another drive letter.

I use them all the time, in conjunction with a robocopy script. I don't use NTBackup and there is a flaw / bug (??) within the O/S where under some situations USB ports fall over on copying files larger than 20Gb.

This usually means that a large exchange backup can't be copied to usb hard drives.


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