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domain registered computers keeps dropping on the restart

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altondaley36 Posted: Mon, Jun 22 2009 10:27 AM

Hello David

I’ve got a issue on one of my networks. Please can you a assist me?

Symptoms: Computer can’t connect to the domain. (The computer was register to the domain , it just randomly dropped)  Network drives are inaccessible and no connection to the internet.

If I remove the computer from the domain and reregister the computer to the domain it works for one day only. The next day the user switches his computer on it gives out the same error. “can not find domain XXX”

Now look at this, if I ask the user to leave his computer on, till the following day the user is able to access his network drive but NOT the INTERNET. Weird?

Also the users exchange account is not affected.

There are also no errors on my server regarding this issue

Kind Regards

Alton Daley



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assuming this is SBS 2003 - do you have enough licenses?  This sounds a lot like a license issue.




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Thx For the help . We are busy migrating our SBS2003 to SBS2008 and in that process we will have enough CAL license for your domain here. Kind Regards Alton Daley
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