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Version 7 of Sync for SkyDrive - in store for certification

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David Overton Posted: Fri, Mar 22 2013 5:23 PM

I've made quite a few changes to this version:

User Interface

  • Added a First time screen to ensure the product is setup properly and users understand what to do
  • Added the ability to show all folders or only those with changes in them in the folder list
  • Further enhanced snapped view
  • Added menus for Sync and catch up (see below for catchup)
  • Added a hint on the folder list to explain that double clicking can be used to select a whole folder tree when selecting folders to sync and right clicking (tap and hold on a touch device) will shrink the folder tree
  • Renamed the settings page to options to avoid confusion between the application settings and the generic Windows 8 settings pane
  • Added a tool tip to tell people how to select a whole tree for synching when in the folder selection mode (double click a folder and you change the whole sub-tree)


  • I have re-introduced a fast scan feature.  It only looks for folders on SkyDrive where the dates have changed.  This speeds up the scanning process, however it will not find deleted files, renamed files or files edited with the SkyDrive web applications.  This feature is optional, but it speeds up the scans after the first scan by approx. 80%
  • When clicking into a folder, if it was not fully scanned by fast scan, it is fully scanned to ensure accurate data
  • An option to show either changed folders only or all folders
  • Added the "Choose which SkyDrive folders to sync" to the app-bar
  • You can now click into a folder that is not set for automatic synchronisation and it will be scanned and any changes synchronised

Catch Up

  • For those users who have copied files from SkyDrive, they will have a different date/time stamp to those stored on SkyDrive.  If you are confident that your files are in sync, you can get Sync for SkyDrive to match those with the same file size and mark them as synchronised, so only future changes will be flagged


  • Enhanced the summary screen when performing a synchronisation
  • Greater error detection




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