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Version 8 product plans

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David Overton Posted: Wed, Mar 27 2013 9:04 PM


as always, led by your feedback, the following are currently on the plan of record for release 8:

  • Initial scan to only process root folder of SKyDrive
  • Folders will start collapsed and you can expand / collapse via the normal [+] next to it.  At this point the next folder level down will be scanned and displayed
  • I will try to add "search" functionality so you can see files that match a keyword
  • Speed of screen updates will be back on the agenda to be improved
  • Drag whole group of files - so not just selected files, but also a file group header (eg all updated files)
  • List view - view the files as a single list with the operation information in a row with the file name and folder name
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