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MS-CRM Mobile client including GPRS Sync

posted by David Overton
Thu, Apr 13 2006

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MS-CRM Mobile client including GPRS Sync

Does what it says on the tin - from the web site:


Microsoft CRM Mobile provides salespeople with up-to-date information about their accounts and contacts, and helps them manage sales opportunities and track sales-related activities.
Salespeople select the data to take with them on the road. While disconnected, they can enter data related to their sales activities. Salespeople can synchronize data with the Microsoft CRM server when the network is available, either when the user is on the office network, or when wireless access is available through GPRS. The data entry forms and views can be customized for your business.

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Server; Windows Server 2003; Windows Small Business Server 2003
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0
  • Mobile Device Requirements
    The device requirements depend on the installation scenario:
    • For intranet-only scenarios, devices can be Windows Mobile® 2003- or 2005-based Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition (ARM or Xscale processor)
    • For Internet-enabled scenarios, devices must be Windows Mobile® 2005-based Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone Edition (ARM or Xscale processor)
    • In order to use GPRS, devices must be GPRS-enabled.
    Memory, processor speed, and screen size requirements:
    • 64 MB of RAM minimum, 128 MB or more recommended.
    • Processor speed: For devices with an Intel architecture, 526 MHz minimum
      For devices with a Texas Instruments architecture, 206 MHz minimum
    • Display minimum size: 3.5" display, 240 x 320 pixels.
    • Secure digital card slot and a secure digital card, or CompactFlash card slot and a CompactFlash card.

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