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Web Log Analyser source

posted by David Overton
Tue, Jul 4 2006

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Web Log Analyser source

I need to add more information to this, but this is the rough, undocumented source to my web site reporting.

It was based on the VB starter kit - http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=47401 and was then heavily modified.

Really important thing to know is that VS2005 requires my DLL used in the reports to be in both the IDE Private Assemblies and the application directory - I do this by having a post build event to copy the file to the two locations - you will need to change this.

To get location GPS information I subscribe to http://www.maxmind.com/app/web_services_guide#city for $20 for 50,000 lookups and I still have 34,000 lookups to go after 4 months, so not too expensive - this is the Maxmind licence mentioned in the config screen.  Once you have the GPS information you can then use a tool such as MapPoint to plot GPS co-ordinates from the last tab in the spreadsheets onto a map.

Build the app, go to the view menu / config to set all the right parameters

command line switches

quick - only process a few logs

all - run all reports

autoexit - do standard reports and exit (only does yesterday and last month reports between midnight & 1am by default)

skipdns - skip conversion of the IP addresses into a DNS name

skiplocation - skip getting GPS information on GPS location of IP addresses



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