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Vista Complete PC Backup and Virtual Server / PC disks

I spoke to Matt in our team recently about the backup and disk image technology in Vista and lo and behold, off he went and wrote a whole blog article on it with some fantastic links.

The backup in Vista has been critised by quite a few as it does not allow the user to perform granual backups, however I do think that most users who want to backup their documents are more than capable fo simply draging their documents to a CD or DVD and having it burn. For those who want a more robust backup, the Complete PC backup of Vista does a full system image backup.  While some find the lack of control fustrating, every end user I have spoken to simply wants a reliable regular backup - nothing more - and this is delivered excellently.




Posted Fri, Jul 7 2006 10:00 PM by David Overton


RoBoLe wrote re: Vista Complete PC Backup and Virtual Server / PC disks
on Sun, Apr 13 2008 6:24 PM

BUT Complete PC Backup is NOT available on the most widely distributed editions of Vista - it is confined to the top 3 editions

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