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Catalog of Windows Small Business Server 2008 Installation Error Messages
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So there I was talking about migration issues and Chris Pucket pointed to this GREAT store of error messages and resolutions for SBS installs.  I've copied the links for now, but expect them to be updated over time!! Still let me know Migration issues on the link above!

Catalog of Windows Small Business Server 2008 Installation Error Messages

This topic links to information about errors that you might encounter while installing Windows SBS 2008.

If you encounter an error that does not appear on this page, see “Troubleshooting Windows Small Business Server 2008” in the Windows Small Business Server Technical Library (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=111318).

Click a link to view information about that error message.

  • An error occurred while installing or configuring a Windows SBS 2008 application
  • An error occurred while promoting the server to a domain controller
  • Anti-spam agents for Exchange Server 2007 cannot be installed
  • Anti-spam automatic updates for Exchange Server 2007 cannot be configured
  • Anti-spam settings for e-mail cannot be configured
  • Cannot create the Active Directory structure required to create users, groups, and computer accounts for Windows Small Business Server 2008
  • Cannot enable network discovery
  • Configure Windows SBS SharePoint Site
  • E-mail antivirus template settings were not applied
  • E-mail distribution groups cannot be created
  • E-mail notifications about the folder quota are not configured
  • Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy settings cannot be configured
  • Exchange Server 2007 backup and recovery cannot be configured
  • Exchange Server 2007 cannot be installed
  • Exchange Server 2007 tasks cannot be configured
  • Folder Redirection is not configured
  • Gadgets are not configured
  • HTTP Proxy is not installed
  • Incoming and outgoing e-mail for Windows SharePoint Services cannot be configured
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) was not configured
  • Organizational units in Active Directory Domain Services cannot be configured
  • Organizational units in Active Directory Domain Services cannot be created
  • Remote Web Workplace was not configured
  • Services for Exchange Server that are not required cannot be disabled
  • SSL settings for Exchange Server 2007 cannot be configured
  • Terminal Services (TS) gateway is not configured properly
  • Terminal Services was not installed
  • The Certificate Authority component cannot be configured
  • The certificate template cannot be added to the Certificate Authority component
  • The Client Certificate installation package cannot be created
  • The Client Side Extensions for Windows Small Business Server 2008 cannot be installed
  • The Connect Computer Web site (http://connect) cannot be configured
  • The connectors for Exchange Server 2007 cannot be configured.
  • The directory permissions for Connect Computer cannot be installed
  • The DNS dynamic update service is not installed
  • The DNS forwarders cannot be removed
  • The Dynamic DNS update service cannot be disabled
  • The Exchange Administrators security groups cannot be configured
  • The Exchange E-mail address policy cannot be configured
  • The Folder Redirection Group Policy setting cannot be configured
  • The Group Policy setting for virtual private networking cannot be created
  • The Group Policy settings for software updates were not applied
  • The inbound Windows Firewall rules cannot be enabled
  • The IP address for core networking services is not configured
  • The monitoring and reporting data store was not installed and configured properly
  • The Move Data Folders cmdlets cannot be installed
  • The Outlook Profile file (*.prf) cannot be configured
  • The public shared folder is not created
  • The registry settings for Forefront Security for Exchange Server were not applied.
  • The schema extensions for Windows SBS could not be installed
  • The schema is not extended for the Licensing service
  • The software update for virus protection for e-mail was not applied
  • The status for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 could not be configured.
  • The storage settings for Exchange Server 2007 cannot be configured
  • The synchronization source for the Windows Time service could not be configured
  • The Users' Shared Folders is not created
  • The Volume Shadow Copy Service is not configured
  • The Web certificates for Remote Web Workplace cannot be created
  • The Windows Firewall for the network discovery protocols could not be configured
  • The Windows SBS Console does not start automatically after logon
  • The Windows SBS logging component did not install successfully
  • Unable to configure Windows Small Business Server default password policies
  • User and computer accounts cannot be redirected to the Windows SBS organizational units
  • Virus protection for e-mail cannot be installed
  • Web applications for Exchange Server 2007 cannot be configured
  • Windows Live OneCare for Server is not installed
  • Windows Server Update Services cannot be configured.
  • Windows SharePoint Services backup and recovery is not configured
  • Windows SharePoint Services is not configured
  • Windows Small Business Server group policies cannot be configured
  • You receive an “invalid certificate” error message, when you try to use Remote Web Workplace, when you run the Internet Address Management Wizard, or when you run the Fix My Network Wizard
  • Your existing network cannot be detected
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