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OK, so the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is coming.  As with many things in the MS International world, we have some firsts coming up. 

The WPC is always a huge event for understanding and changing MS strategy and networking with both key MS people and also key people in the community.  This is also the time to hear from industry experts about the external influences on the market and how to take advantage and prepare for them.

You may think this all sounds a big "la-de-da", but a little while ago at WPC someone asked Steve B in an open session why MS people had great demos, but our partners did not.  Within 6 months we had added the Technical Demonstration Toolkit for partners to our offerings.  You can have this impact if you ask the right questions too.

We have a day in the pre-conference dedicated to Small Business, with a fee for non-SBSC members, but SBSC people get entry for free.

More information on the conference can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/partner/events/wwpartnerconference/  and it is already being discussed on http://www.sbsbpi.co.uk at http://www.sbsbpi.co.uk/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=1708#1708

While I don't have all the final information (in fact it is very draft), below is what I can share.  Now I do have a baby due in June, but all being well I may well be there with you.

If you want more information, let me know.

We understand that being a partner who sells to small businesses means working hard day in and day out to help your customers, leaving you little time to learn about new market opportunities, or network with other partners that sell to the small-business market segment.


To help you continue to capitalise on this market opportunity, we are hosting an all-day event to help you get the download on industry trends and market insights. The Microsoft Small Business Symposium 2006 will be held July 10, 2006—the day before the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference kicks off—in the U.S. city of Boston, Massachusetts.


·      Hear the latest from industry experts.

·      Network and learn from other partners who sell to small businesses.

·      Learn about up-and-coming business opportunities for 2007.

·      Attend management and marketing skills breakout sessions.


Improve your success in the small business market by attending this event with other Microsoft partners who work with small businesses. Space is limited so (Link to be supplied in a comment as soon as published).


For the complete experience, register for the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference July 11–13, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts.


The cost to attend the Small Business Symposium will be US$150; the registration fee will be waived for all Microsoft Small Business Specialists.


As we continue to plan for this exciting event, we will update the site with detailed information about the day’s agenda.




Posted Sat, Apr 15 2006 5:38 AM by David Overton

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