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SQL 2005 updates - SP1 - worth having for the new management console

SQL 2005 only seems like it poped out the door a week ago and already we have SP1.  Having said that, it arrived in November 2005 and there were a couple of things that people wanted, but we could not ship in time.

One was a management console for the repalcement to the free MSDE - this is now part of SP1.

Details on how to impletment SP1 can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/sp1.mspx.  The press release with all the details is located at http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2006/apr06/04-19SQLExpands06PR.mspx, but the key points are:

SP1 delivers on this vision in the following ways:

SP1 delivers production-ready Database Mirroring functionality for continuous availability. This complements the existing Always On Technologies in SQL Server 2005 such as failover clustering, database snapshots, snapshot isolation and log shipping. Since launch, Database Mirroring has been extensively tested by Microsoft and its thriving customer community to help ensure that it provides the high availability necessary for the largest customer deployments. Today more than 20 SQL Server customers have deployed Database Mirroring into production.

“Due to the nature of our shipping business, we needed a system that could support us around the clock, and that means high availability,” said Fabio Catassi, chief technology officer of Mediterranean Shipping Co. “Since SQL Server 2005’s launch, we’ve been involved with the Database Mirroring testing, and we are so confident in the feature that we’ve already deployed it into our production. We have a large global company and need a reliable, scalable solution, and SQL Server 2005 delivers that for us.”

SP1 extends business insight to smaller-scale customers and ISVs using the free SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, which includes SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) functionality, Full Text Search and the newly released SQL Server Management Studio Express. This optional set of capabilities is already receiving positive feedback from Microsoft’s ISV partners.

“By leveraging SQL Server 2005 Express Edition as the enabling technology for our Pivotal Mobile CRM application, we can provide our customers with complete access to their critical functionality and data,” said Eric Musser, chief technology officer and executive vice president of corporate strategy at Pivotal Corp. “SQL Server 2005 Express Edition delivers optimal performance to our customers, and they benefit from its ease of administration.”


SP1 also advances dynamic applications with the new SQL Server Management Studio Express, a simplified graphical management environment for SQL Server Express Edition. This tool builds on Microsoft’s commitment to extending the breadth of the SQL Server family to support all the data storage needs of Microsoft’s customers. It also complements the recently announced SQL Server Everywhere Edition, a lightweight and rich subset of capabilities found in other SQL Server editions, targeted for application embedded storage on clients. SQL Server Everywhere Edition is targeted to be available as a Community Technology Preview (CTP) this summer and released by year end.



For end-to-end business insight, SP1 extends SSRS to support enterprise reporting on SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence with two new components in SP1: a Microsoft .NET Data provider for SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence and a new MDX Query Designer. This new functionality extends the benefits of enterprise reporting with SQL Server by enabling SAP customers to easily create and manage reports on information inside any SAP BW data warehouse.

SQL Server 2005 Books Online

Download an updated version of Books Online for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, the primary documentation for SQL Server 2005. The April 2006 update to Books Online contains new material and fixes to documentation problems reported by customers after SQL Server 2005 was released. Refer to "New and Updated Books Online Topics" for a list of topics that are new or updated in this version. Topics with significant updates have a Change History table at the bottom of the topic that summarizes the changes.




Posted Tue, Jul 4 2006 7:15 AM by David Overton

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