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top sixteen lies of a ceo

I was reading Guy Kawasakiblog entry on the top lies of CEOs and I realised how many of them applied to those "high flying" small business owner managers in a scaled down way,

What I partcularly liked what the "what we wished they actually said" section:

  1. “I don’t know.”
  2. “Thank you.”
  3. “Do what’s right.”
  4. “It’s my fault.”

How many times would a small business specialists life been saved if this was what they actually said to us instead of (perhaps the 17th lie) "I did nothing to it, it just started going wrong... I was not even here when it happened."  And of course, that is probably what was said when this all started!




Posted Thu, Jul 6 2006 6:55 AM by David Overton

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