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James Akrigg on the The Blog Frog - aka why you should blog and why this year is so important - $20B of R&D finally being released on the world - and that means, Office, Vista and Exchange

 If you have read my previous posts on James you will know that I respect him as a friend and colleague, but his arrival at blogging was still a good 12 months late.  He describes why you should blog and what made him decide to finally take up the simplest way to communicate with people.  Perhaps more interestingly was his number 1 reason:

Compelling Event Number 1. I realised that this year is perhaps the year of greatest potential I have ever seen in my 20+ years in the IT industry. Microsoft is about to release over 20 billion dollars of research and development through product and technology releases. There is so much new opportunity that this will enable for customers and partners of Microsoft that I needed a way of communicating more of the details for both technical and business audiences. I wanted to compliment some of the great blogs my team and other colleagues had created by bringing my own insights and useful information to as many people as possible. The answer 'Blog'.

Source: James Akrigg .:. Out of Office : Today’s Special - ‘The Blog Frog’.

I strongly suggest that if you don't blog, you should and if you read blogs, James should be on your hit list.  To try to put that in perspective, this month I expect about 8,000 unique readers of this blog and about 230,000 page hits - surely with such a large audience this solution can't be wrong?





Posted Thu, Sep 21 2006 9:53 AM by David Overton

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