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The Chronicles of Scargill: Office BETA

Pete Scargill is the IT chair of the Federation of Small Business, and someone who can be fun to read his blog and knock about with - which I need to arrange again anyway.  It was nice to see his appreciation for Office is finally public :-)

Office BETA

Have you tried the Office 2007 beta yet? Well, they've just brought out a "technical refresh"  - why these people can't use simple terms like "update" I'll never know, however, for those of you who like to experiment, I have to say before I downloaded Office 2007 I was the first to be critical. "They've changed the interface, that'll never sell2 - well, I got that wrong, it's MARVELOUS.  Anyone who thinks that the likes of Open Office can even hold a candle to this need to download the beta and have a tinker with it. 

I said when Office 2003 came out that it seemed like Microsoft had finally gotten their act together and I still stand by that - but the new stuff is even better!

Source: The Chronicles of Scargill: Office BETA

Posted Mon, Oct 9 2006 10:26 AM by David Overton
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Peter Scargill wrote re: The Chronicles of Scargill: Office BETA
on Sun, Aug 30 2020 10:41 PM

Hi David

Just thought I'd bring this up to date - I WAS the IT Director of the FSB for 14 unchallended years - now I'm writing full time in Spain and the UK.

Looking back at this article - I'm wondering what happend to that innovatiuon streak in Microsoft - by Office 2016, the pace of improvement had slowed down incredibly.

I'm even starting to like Linux now I understand it (though I would not part with Powerpoint).

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