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Vlad Mazek - explains why Work Life Balance is so important

I came across this on Vlad's blog - I think Vlad finally has a handle on Work Life Balance - have a look at his blog to see the picture and realise what he is saying when getting ready to walk down the Aisle and someone wants him to do just one more thing ;-)  Congrats to Vlad as he is now a married man!!

Dear Vlad,

I am really running on a tight deadline here and as much as I can appreciate that you’re out of town I REALLY need an ETA on <SBS Show, Shockey Monkey, Vladfire>… I am running out of time.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is your ETA. Provided in 4MP resolution just in case you can’t see my ETA guarantee:

Source: Vlad Mazek - Vladville Blog » Blog Archive » Can I have an ETA?

Posted Mon, Oct 9 2006 7:01 AM by David Overton

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