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Important Sneak Peak – UK Small Business Symposium coming

I can't reveal all the details, although I am sure others will, however we are working on special event for SBSC members. This event design incorporates your feedback and suggestions as to what you want to hear about, share as a community as well as information Microsoft needs to share with you. Expect useful information, the opportunity to network with your peers, Microsoft and partners and the ability to socialise too J

The timeframe for this event is February 2007, in Reading, Manchester (or Leeds) and Edinburgh, although more sessions will happen in the afternoon in Reading due to availability of speakers and rooms.

The ROUGH agenda looks like this



The afternoon will include Panel and Technology led sessions with many presenters from the SBSC community as well as Microsoft:

* SMS&P - Small and Midmarket Solutions and Partners – what a MS acronym

** TAP – Technology Adoption Programme – Where Microsoft, partners and customers come together to trial new software, garner learnings, offer product feedback and then build joint case studies

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