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Vista, by itself, and business value - what can you get

I was a little horrified to see a small business group posting that said

"In my opinion, there is nothing in Vista that warrants an upgrade at this time for businesses."

Oh my golly gosh thought me.  Has this person actually looked at the stuff we have to better explain what the benefits are?  (I don't know, but if they have then Microsoft needs to do a better job, if not, then Microsoft needs to do a better job telling everyone).  1st off though, just as many people have commented - I expect many people to buy Vista with a new PC, but I also believe that the decision to buy a new PC will in part be driven by Vista as opposed to just hardware needs.

OK, where does Vista add value to businesses (this is where I use it) over Windows XP out the box today and even more so over Windows 2000:

  • Work More Efficiently
    • Searching for documents, e-mails, contacts
    • Preview files without opening them via thumbnails and preview pane
    • Shrink to fit for IE printing
    • Finding open programs, items on start menu, control panel items
    • Enhance performance with ReadyBoost
    • Glancable information with Gadgets
  • Staying Connected
    • "File" file sharing
    • Ad-hoc wireless networking
    • Wireless security manager
    • Windows Mobile Device Center
  • Data protection and integrity
    • Automatic PC backups
    • Previous versions of files, even when out the office
    • Anti-phishing technologies
    • Anti-spyware tools
    • UAC and protected mode in IE
    • File and disk encryption
    • Image based backup and restore
  • Systems Management
    • Reliability Monitor
    • Enhanced Event Viewer
    • Memory Checker
    • Problem History
    • Enhanced Remote Desktop
    • Recovery tools
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Fax and Scan tools
    • Photo Editing tools
    • XPS Support
    • Faster response when opening the lid
  • Dual use - home and business use
    • Parential controls
    • Media Center
    • DVD Playback and burning
    • Many many more

It is worth looking at the version comparison document on http://www.microsoft.com/smallbusiness/products/wowpc/CompareWindows.aspx and the Vista comparison guide that can be downloaded at http://download.microsoft.com/download/E/5/E/E5E1A4B0-124F-4A6E-A152-7B5CBA3FE8CB/FY07_SBPC_ToC_BRO.pdf.  More information on Vista and Office for small businesses can be found at bCentral and the Small Business web site





Posted Tue, Mar 13 2007 12:48 AM by David Overton

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