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BBC News Online | Technology | Decoys fix quantum key swapping

As some of you might know, my background was in Security for a while and I studied how Quantium keys and security could be used while at University (RHUL for those who want to look it up, although for me it used to be called Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London).

Anyway, quantum keys and entanglement were the talk of the days and how bullet proof they were.  Well now it appears that they might not be quite so amazing, or at least our ability to use them without leakage.

Anyway, I saw this at the BBC technology site and it is nice to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel :-)

Decoys fix quantum key swapping

Laser light, Eyewire

British scientists have found a way to fix a vulnerability in quantum cryptographic systems.

If left unpatched, the flaw would make it possible to grab information about the keys used to scramble information without being detected.

The flaw emerges because of the way that laser diodes emit the photons of light used to carry quantum key data.

Using decoy photons, researchers can spot when attackers are eavesdropping on secure communication channels.

Source: BBC News Online | Technology | Decoys fix quantum key swapping





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