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Got SBS Premium (or an ISA firewall) and Vista customers - you will need the updated ISA Server Firewall Client

Just a quick note to say that if you have a SBS customer who has some PCs with Vista then you will need the updated ISA firewall client.  You will need to go to this page - ISA Server Firewall Client

Firewall Client for ISA Server

Brief Description

Firewall Client for ISA Server installs the Firewall Client software on 32-bit and 64-bit computers running supported Windows operating systems.

It is also worth noting that the install script will look something like this

\\Servername\shared folder\SETUP.EXE /Q /P "SERVER_NAME_OR_IP=Servername ENABLE_AUTO_DETECT=0 REFRESH_WEB_PROXY=1"

Note this will almost certainly force a reboot due to the changes in the Winsock stack.




Posted Fri, Apr 27 2007 11:55 AM by David Overton


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