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Installing WSUS 3.0 on SBS White Paper Released, including when you already got WSUS on there, or need to upgrade

I thought you should be aware of this 

WSUS 3.0 on SBS White Paper Released

[Today's post comes to us courtesy of Chris Puckett]

WSUS 3.0 has released.  You can download it here.

For information on installing WSUS 3.0 on your SBS 2003 SP1 or R2 server, check out the Installing WSUS 3.0 on SBS 2003 whitepaper.

  • The issue blogged in February 2007 regarding Vista updates not synching in SBS 2003 R2 has been fixed in WSUS 3.0.

  • If you experienced performance issues like high cpu usage by svchost, a UI hang and long scan times, the new new WUA client included with WSUS 3.0 addresses these issues in combination with the MSI update in KB 927891. It’s important to note that the new client is only a partial solution for the svchost/msi issue and clients must have both KB 927891 and the new 3.0 client installed for a full solution.

Source: The Official SBS Blog : WSUS 3.0 on SBS White Paper Released


Having looked at the whitepaper it seems it covers the following areas:

  1. Install WSUS v3 on 2003 SBS SP1 and R2 (when to press cancel)
  2. Upgrading Windows Small Business Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 to Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 while running Windows Server Update Services 3.0 (uninstall WSUS 1st and then re-install the database)
  3. Uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 components on a server that is running WSUS 3.0 (uninstall WSUS 1st and then re-install the database)




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Posted Wed, May 2 2007 10:21 AM by David Overton


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