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Microsoft Watch - Vista - I Shacked Up with Windows Vista - what happens when a journalist tries Vista and likes it - he makes his Mac Tiger move out for a while :-)

 I saw this and the whole article is well worth a read - a good Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday read to smile.

I Shacked Up with Windows Vista

Joe Wilcox

Joe Wilcox

Last week, Vista and I started living together again, and Tiger moved into an apartment across the hall. I like Vista, but she's sometimes a tough companion.

Tiger and Vista are both attractive, but my new roomie is just so much more pleasing to look at—and she likes to do fun stuff that's quite different from the cat woman. Over the weekend we did the Vongo together and hung out at the Yahoo Music club. Tiger wouldn't do either.

Vista also is much more social. She loves to nudge her friends and hang out at social clubs MySpace and Live Spaces. She's quite particular about her social calendar, too.

Source: Microsoft Watch - Vista - I Shacked Up with Windows Vista





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Posted Fri, May 11 2007 10:38 PM by David Overton

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