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Vista Squad 2nd Reading meeting on 24th May 2007 - Bitlocker and WPF to be discussed

Did you make it to the 1st Vista Squad event?  Well, if you did you will know how well it was appreciated, and if you did not, then time to get down here.  The details are:

The next Vista Squad meeting is confirmed :) All your favourite superheroes will be in attendance. In addition we have two guest heroes sharing their superpowers on WPF and Vista's BitLocker feature.

Date: 24th May 2007
Time: 5.30pm onwards
Location: Microsoft UK HQ, TVP, Reading, Building 3
Room: Memphis


6.15pm - 6.30pm "Introduction"
6.30pm - 7.20pm "BitLocker presented by Stephen Lamb"
7.20pm - 7.30pm "BitLocker Q&A"
7.30pm - 8.30pm "Food and Networking"
8.30pm - 9.20pm "Introduction to WPF presented by Ray Booysen"
9.20pm - 9.30pm "WPF Q&A"

Link: http://vistasquad.co.uk/blogs/announcements/archive/2007/05/02/vista-squad-2-0.aspx

Come along!!



Posted Fri, May 11 2007 12:45 AM by David Overton

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