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Windows Vista AppReadiness- Find out if your application is known and / or supported or expected to run on Vista

I saw this was released and thought I had to share it - finally a resource will logo'd ready and community opinion on application compatibility for Vista.  It states:

Welcome to the Windows Vista Application Readiness Beta site! The central place to find and share information about software that runs on the Windows Vista platform. Browse through a comprehensive listing of applications that have a Windows Vista Logo or are Ready for Windows Vista, See comments on compatibility that the community has contributed  and

The url is easy to remember with www.windowsvista.com/appreadiness.  As a quick sample you have the following:




Or the "new" sections:

NEW! Community Submitted Applications

Cosmocall 4.5.0 Build 3201 Cosmocom (www.cosmocom.com)
Not working on Windows Vista
Incompatible with Windows Vista
Harvst V. 7 patch 3 Computer Associates (All Fusion)
Waiting for release of patch for Vista
Incompatible with Windows Vista
Majestic Chess unknown Sierra
Currently there is only one version on the market. It appears as if Sierra is no longer making this game. Is there a way to get some shim to install the game?
Incompatible with Windows Vista
fishscape v .001 fishes
Doesn't play well on Vista.
Incompatible with Windows Vista

NEW! ISV Supported Windows Vista Applications

Oracle Database 10g New Oracle Ready!
Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office 2.0.0 Microsoft Corporation Works with Windows Vista
Garmin Training Center 3.2.3 3.2.3 Garmin International Works with Windows Vista
VectorWorks 12.5.1 12.5.1 Nemetschek North America Works with Windows Vista
FileMaker Pro 9 9.0.1 FileMaker, Inc. Works with Windows Vista





Posted Fri, May 11 2007 9:39 PM by David Overton


Roxanne wrote re: Windows Vista AppReadiness- Find out if your application is known and / or supported or expected to run on Vista
on Tue, Jul 1 2008 8:13 PM

Why doesn't Microsoft make sure their new platforms will work with older programs? It just doesn't make sense to alienate older users by forcing them to buy tons of new programs. Why doesn't Microsoft listen?

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