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Sean Daniel on "Where's my next version of SBS?" - Cougar as was known

I was browsing Vijay's blog and notices a link to Sean Daniel's blog discussing Cougar.  While there are many details of Cougar still to be released and some I would imagine still to be decided, here are some of the most interesting things he said:

  • There will be a migration too that will take you from your current SBS to Cougar on ANOTHER BOX. We are still working on this solution.
  • The SBS Backup solution is being completely re-vamped. However, we have made the full switch, and the backup solution will no longer support backing up to tape. Using snapshot technology, the backups will be extremely quick using incrementals that can be scheduled as often as every 30 minutes. A copy of NTBackup will be able to extract files from the old SBS 2003 format, but no new data can be added.
  • Cougar will need to be installed behind some kind of firewall and the single-NIC model will be the only mode. You must use a firewall in front of the SBS box, this can be a hardware router type item, or a software firewall such as ISA.

There is more at SeanDaniel.com - SBS 2003 and Technology Discussions: Hey! Where's my next version of SBS?, however I thought that was interesting enough to start things off.




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Posted Sun, Jun 10 2007 10:08 PM by David Overton


on Mon, Jun 11 2007 3:25 AM

David points to Vijay who points to Sean Daniel who pointed to Larry's blog about some of the stuff

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