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"Vista, XP Users Equally At Peril To Viruses, Exploits" and then a lengthy retort from Roger A Grimes including the comment that the number of vulnerabilities over a given time for OSs were XP-28, Vista-11, Max OSX-101

I have been RSS feed and news hunting and found this review in IT Channel News stating that Vista was no more secure than Windows XP.  Then I read how things seemless slipped onto the system and I started to get frustrated that they must have turned off every security feature in Vista to get the results.  There I was about to write a WTF reply when I found a HUGE one by Roger. 

There also seemed to be some confusion that Microsoft also still recommends anti-virus software for Vista.  I tell people to buy AV software and not some complete "take over everything on your system" suite.

Rogers reply is worth reading for sure - Microsoft is far from perfect, but turning off all the security features and then saying it is no more secure is just a little bit silly too.

If you look at the number of found vulnerabilities in Windows XP (28) vs. Vista (11) this year, Vista wins again. If that seems like a lot, don't forget Mac OS X has had 101 in the same time period. Cute commercials, but not necessarily a stellar reason to dog Microsoft about.
In conclusion, I'm not sure why you choose to run a story that paints Windows Vista as no better security-wise than Windows XP?
Roger A. Grimes, Sr. Security Consultant
Microsoft ACE Team
Author of Windows Vista Security: Securing Vista Against Malicious Attack

Review: Vista, XP Users Equally At Peril To Viruses, Exploits - Software - IT Channel News by CRN and VARBusiness




Posted Sun, Jun 10 2007 8:23 PM by David Overton


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