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What can Microsoft do to help your business as a Microsoft Partner

Map to Success

It is rare that I copy a MS web page directly, but the information in here is amazing and worth spreading the news on.  I found the Microsoft Partner Drive Your Business web site and not only does it have the information below.  It also has references like "Read How a Partner Maintains 100% Growth Year After Year".  If you have seen one or two of them, don't fret - look at all six options and tell me if even one of them was a nice surprise for you.

Enhance Performance  Are you looking for ways to strengthen your business performance? Find out how partners in the Microsoft Partner Programme are outperforming 12 out of 14 industry benchmarks through market differentiation.  Find Out the Partner Pathway to Business Performance

Boost Profitability  Is your company as profitable as it could be? Take a comprehensive assessment that measures your business performance across key indicators, including profit margins and revenue growth.  Get Your Customised Business Report

Generate Leads  Increase your market visibility, generate sales leads, and promote your business to peers and customers - you can do all this by simply profiling your business solutions in Solution Profiler.  Promote Your Business

Increase Sales  Create demand, increase sales and reach out to potential customers. A collection of tools and compelling information can help you engage clients and capitalise on revenue-generating business opportunities.  Visit the Partner Marketing Centre

Grow Revenue  Explore new markets, expand your services and strengthen your business propositions. Joining forces with other partners can help both of you grow your businesses and benefit from new opportunities.  Get Connected with Partner Channel Builder

Supports Success  Whether you're a Small Business, a growing ISV, a multinational or somewhere in between, the Microsoft Partner Programme offers a wealth of tools and resources to help you increase profitability.  Discover How to Maximise Your Profitability




Posted Mon, Jun 11 2007 10:21 AM by David Overton

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