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Sometimes I wish my brain was just 10% as capable as this

I got this mail the other night that directed me to this video - it is of a Savant and the process he goes through to prove that he can "see" pi to 20,000+ decimal places and do amazing number feats (anyone do 37^4 in their head?).  He was also able to perform other memory feats by turning what he saw into numbers.

Bored, late at night having wound myself up with some programming issues, I decided to go stumbling through the web.  The very first site was this Youtube video of a guy with an extra-ordinary brain. I think it’s ½ hour long, might be more – I just watched it from start to finish – but it is REALLY worth watching. Incredible.


I don't normally spend more than 5 mins on a site like this, but ended up walking through this video constantly amazed at his skill.  Upon further investigation it turns out that this man, Daniel Tammet, has a book and blog site - http://www.optimnem.co.uk/ - possibly worth getting!




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Posted Fri, Jun 29 2007 11:01 PM by David Overton
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