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Worldwide Partner Conference - WPC in Denver - what I know so far - Dynamics CRM Live

Microsoft Announces Product Offerings and Customer Early Access Program for Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM - This could be huge - $44 per calendar month per user for Professional CRM and $59 for Enterprise edition (Professional Edition plus offline support)!!!

Then, when you thought it was not so good for partners, look at the models:

With the new Live service, partners in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem will have new opportunities to deliver value to their customers and to drive revenue for their businesses by developing and deploying solutions across the three deployment options — Live, on-premise and partner-hosted models. For revenue in the new Live model, partners will be compensated on a recurring basis, not a one-time basis; each year they will receive 10 percent of the yearly Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription revenue for each customer for whom they are the partner of record. During 2008, a special incentive will allow partners to receive 15 percent of the SaaS subscription revenue for that year

Steve from BMS noted the following:

Microsoft WPC 2007 notes at BMS Blog: SBS Consulting in the UK

  • Dynamics CRM Live launched
    • Live Demo by Brad Wilson - General Manager for CRM
    • Ability to download and completely remodel the CRM environment via partner provided XML templates
    • Direct competitor for salesforce.com etc.
    • Early adopter program
    • Only available through partners
    • Focus on making revenue from consultation



    Posted Tue, Jul 10 2007 11:50 PM by David Overton


    Lee Evans wrote re: Worldwide Partner Conference - WPC in Denver - what I know so far - Dynamics CRM Live
    on Wed, Jul 11 2007 12:00 PM

    I think this is great news - the Dyanmics CRM is a great product but is quite a substantial investment and not the easiest system to deploy. A hosted option which offers partners the revenue opportunities is great news. Any word on a UK release?


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