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Worldwide Partner Conference - WPC in Denver - what I know so far - Office Live and Windows Live as a platform for partners to build on

Office Live is already a great success, but today Microsoft announced even more to make it a business for partners to make success for them and their customers.  We've released information about partners, solutions and using Windows Live,  sample sites and more information on how to make it a business success.

Have a look at Microsoft Office Live Launches Partner Program, Helps Partners Reach Small Businesses for more information.  Add to this the extra opportunities that Windows Live also brings and the new tools to build on there too (http://partner.live.com/windowslive/) and you really start to get something amazing.

The press release Microsoft Office Live Launches Partner Program, Helps Partners Reach Small Businesses includes a reference from Solution Canvas:

Solution Canvas is a Glasgow, Scotland-based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that uses the Microsoft Office Live platform to host justia, a powerful practice management system for small legal firms. justia offers a cost-effective solution that provides improved financial control and an umbrella view of client activities for smaller law firms that are trying keep costs down.




Posted Wed, Jul 11 2007 12:04 AM by David Overton

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