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How to add a trade-in line item (i.e. give cash back to discount a deal) to BCM 2007

Someone  asked me how to do this and I discovered that you can't have a negative discount percentage, negative quantity or negative price.  So this makes it impossible to do... well, no, but it is not quite as easy as we would like.  To make it work you need to create a Product and Service csv file to import to make it work.  Here are the step by step instructions on installing it and using it.

Installing the trade-in items

  1. image Go to the BCM menu and select the Product and Services menu item
  2. image Press the import button at the bottom of the dialog to get the screen shown on the left  
  3. image Create a csv file on your desktop called tradein.csv (start / run "notepad %homepath%\tradein.csv")
  4. Copy and paste the text below into the text file and save
    1. Trade In (10000), Trade in, -10000
      Trade In (1000), Trade in, -1000
      Trade In (100), Trade in, -100
      Trade In (10), Trade in, -10
      Trade In (1), Trade in, -1

    1. imagebrowse the csv file on your desktop and press import
    2. image Job done


    Using the trade-in items in an opportunity

    image Now we have these line items, all you do is select them in an opportunity and use % discounts to make them fit.  For example, if you wanted to give £2,000 discount, simply add the trade in (1000) qty 2 to the opportunity.  You can add a higher number and then discount down, so for example if you want to add a trade in of £39,000 then you would discount by 2.5% and have a qty of 4 for trade in (10000) - see the picture on the left.

    Hopefully this little kludge will enable you to do trade-ins.




    Posted Thu, Jul 12 2007 12:31 AM by David Overton

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