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e-Paper update

Again from the Trends Blog.

Big, color e-paper

E-paper Still Coming Soon: LG.Philips LCD Teases World With A4 Color Electronic Paper
“This is their all-new, world-first A4 electronic paper, a 4,096-color flexible 14.1-inch page made using “metal foil and plastic substrates rather than glass.” They only use power when the image changes and since they are reflective like real paper, they can be seen perfectly from any angle. Even under direct sunlight.”

Slightly-flexible displays

LOLED: Sony Flexi-OLED Screen Is Trouble Waiting to Happen
“Today Sony showed off some 2.5-inch OLED screens that are capable of being slightly bent. It is made out of a glass substrate and is only .3mm thick. Supposedly the display has been created for lightweight, bigger and “softer” electronics”

Interactive paper

Digital paper with interactivity and sound
“By combining paper with printed graphic codes and electronically conductive ink that is engineered to be sensitive to pressure. When the paper buttons are touched, the sound is played out via the printed speakers.”



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