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Star Wars Celebration Europe - How I got to re-shoot the Imperial storming of the Tantive IV and the final movie

OK, so still need to do a all up post, but before I do, here is how I got to re-make the video.  One item at the event was part of the set for the Tantive IV.  The nice director and actors explained how shooting from different angles and by swapping bits out the set could be made to look even bigger etc.  They then asked for 6 volunteers to be the "rebels" who die in this shoot.  I was lucky enough to be picked, so off I went to wardrobe (yes, a proper costume maker, costumes and props).  I quickly put on my rebel uniform with my 5 hapless colleagues and off we went to be briefed.  We had to shoot 3 scenes and then these were to be edited into the original film,

Scene 1-

Running down the corridor toward the place we expect the imperials to board.  while we are running, an explosion will rock us back (you have to act the explosion) and then on we go.

Scene 2 -

Run into position, line up your sites, then look above and back as you hear a noise and wonder what it is, then focus again on the big door.  We had all been given numbers (I was 4) and when you number was called, your time was up.  Die, but be careful to do so without falling into the middle as the Stormtroopers (who were volunteers from the 501 Garrison I think) could not see down well and would fall over you and get hurt if you got it wrong.

Scene 3 -

Play dead while Darth Vader comes to get you


Unfortunately there was no way to take the final product home with us, so it was then a phone recording to keep afterwards.  Since my little face is hard to see, I have some key shots below and then a link to the movie I recorded very badly at the end.

Scene 1 - David runs on 


Scene 2 - David is wearing a heavy hat and all you get to see is the back of him 

image  image

Scene 2 - that "get your face on the screen" moment, but this short person and the pro actor behind me make my "face on the screen" when looking back, not very "me"


Scene 2 - your death scene - hmm, can you see me... nope!!


Scene 2 - remember that don't fall into the middle - well, someone did, so we got a Stormtrooper - he went down with a big bang and it took quite a while to get him up.  In the name of film making he was moved, like a beetle on it's back, to one side while we recorded Scene 3.



The Movie is available as a simple Silverlight stream from http://uksbsguy.com/videos/starwars/default.html (press stop if playing before closing the window) or download it from http://uksbsguy.com/videos/david-starwarsvideo.wmv




Posted Wed, Jul 18 2007 12:32 AM by David Overton

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