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Star Wars art work from Celebration Europe

While I was at Star Wars Celebration Europe I managed to spend quite a bit of my unearned bonus on bits of "art".  Some I will put pride of place on my wall, others will go in a tube because I don't have enough wall space.  Here is what I bought (I just photographed them and then used a tool to remove the perspective from the photos, but don't expect print quality images):

From Steven D Anderson the "Dark Avenger" poster, signed by him and one of 250 (11 / 250) and the little post card of the two ladies with blasters.


Next up was Joe Corroney - I love his work especially since he also does some of the Star Wars comics.  He has a web site http://JoeCorroney.com and his Star Wars blog can be found at http://blogs.starwars.com/joecorroney/70.  As you can see from the pictures on the left, I was lucky enough to not only get number 20 of 250 from his collection, but also the ORIGINAL PENCIL drawing that made this great poster.  WOW, amazing and top.  This is my best treasure from this event.

For my sins, the next stand I never actually bought anything, but is easily worth a mention, which is Jake Steel - http://www.jake-art.com.  I will be hunting down something from this man soon!


Brian Rood had some fabulous posters, one of which was double sided.  I liked his work so much I bought 3 sides (2 posters).  The New Hope Posters are 39/250 (on both sides) and the think the Where Science Meets Imagination posters are un-numbered.

Russell Walks had a couple of pieces there, one referencing Cell Block 1138 which I did not buy, but his other ones was very nice - showing characters from all 6 films.  He signed his work and posed for a picture with Molly too.  We also bought a couple of pencil sketch pieces from him.  One of the nicest things about the Boba Fett one is that it was drawn for a celebration with Disney, another passion of mine, so he is carrying a Mickey Mouse autograph book - something truly original.


  Jerry Vanderstelt's Yoda was eye catching, so much so that after much deliberation I went back and got it.


There were a few other bits and pieces.  One was the 3D posters (a big one and 4 small ones) with a certificate of authenticity.



The last piece I purchased was a long and considered buy.  I like canvas prints and here was an awesome picture of Yoda on a large canvas print.  I was able to get number 5 off the limited edition run(5/325)!!  These are made by ID-WALL (http://www.id-wall.com)

That is it for the Artwork, next I will do the pictures and autographs.




Posted Sun, Jul 22 2007 12:33 AM by David Overton


neil wrote re: Star Wars art work from Celebration Europe
on Wed, Oct 17 2007 9:30 AM


Hi , seen the blog thought you may be interested

We handpaint Star Wars art have a look


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