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Unified Communications

This information is from the last 2 Technet newsletters (http://www.microsoft.com/technet)

Unified Communications Team Blog


Unified Communications - Office Communication Server 2007 Videos

Two videos, one on Office Communications Server 2007 and one on Office RoundTable


Unified Communications and Collaboration Event Presentation Downloads

Unified Communications and Collaborations Event Downloads


Using Exchange Server 2007 for Unified Messaging and Fax

How can you best implement the Unified Messaging (UM) features of Exchange Server 2007? Microsoft IT uses the UM features of Exchange Server 2007 to integrate voice messaging with the internal e-mail messaging environment. This content will detail the technical implementation and deployment strategy for deploying Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging features in the Microsoft enterprise messaging environment.




Posted Tue, Jul 24 2007 10:02 PM by David Overton

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