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My RSS reader

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and reading them all can be a bit of a pain.  If you want to see who I read, have a look at http://uksbsguy.com/files/folders/files/entry4501.aspx to get the OPML file.  I store and read some in Outlook, but the rest need something bigger.  The tool I seem to be using a lot at the moment is RikReader.  It is not perfect, but it works nicely for me.

RikReader FAQ

"Codename: RikReader" is an RSS Reader which complements the RSS Platform delivered by Microsoft in Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7. The RSS Platform makes it possible to share feed subscriptions and items between multiple applications.

"Codename: RikReader" provides only reading and searching capabilities. To manage your feed subscriptions, it's recommenced that you use Internet Explorer 7.

What does RikReader offer over Internet Explorer 7?

  • A unified view of all your feeds: See all your items in a single view. "Codename: RikReader" collapses the hierarchy of feeds and folders into a single list of items ordered by date.
  • A dynamic interface: Any new items or changes to the feed store will automatically show up in the current view.
  • Full-text, indexed searching: Perform advanced searchers over all of your items, instantly, in one go.

It has several views and search facilities and ties into the Internet Explorer RSS engine, which is where Outlook gets its info from.  Below is the standard, searching and multi-column views:



Things I would like to see added are:

  1. UI when it is working so you know how far it is progresses in its thinking
  2. Better filtering options so I can do more than just last day or last 7 days
  3. Sorting of results - by blog, by date, by unread entries in that blog

I don't consider the lack of these features a big problem today.




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Posted Mon, Aug 6 2007 10:21 PM by David Overton


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