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Slides from todays Webcast on Windows SharePoint Services on SBS (WSS v2 & WSS v3)

Today I did my last Webcast on SBS.  It was the 3rd of a 3 parter on SBS.  Part 1 was about how to use the OPK, part 2 was on Configuring SBS.  I will post links to part 1 & 2 later today, but thought I would get the last one out 1st.  If you watched the Webcast you will know that explorer crashed on my machine stopping the demos with word and excel working, which was not desired, but I did load 2 beta patches onto my system yesterday, so now the diagnosis as to wether that was the problem begins.


Anyway, if you want the slides set they can be found here.  Some of the useful links from the deck are:

WSS v2


WSS v3

Since the Office integration failed to fire due to the beta patches I will re-record these and post on the web.




Posted Wed, Aug 8 2007 10:40 AM by David Overton


David Overton's Blog wrote Questions from today's Webcast
on Wed, Aug 8 2007 4:15 PM

I promised to load the questions from todays webcast. The blog on the webcast can be found at Slides

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