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For once a balanced review of the market and Windows Vista

I am used to seeing reports that come from one end or another of the spectrum - either Vista is amazing and everyone else is stupid, or 70%+ of the worlds computers are still not running Vista, so it is an obvious flop.  Obviously, given the view that there are now something like a billion PCs in the world, you can't expect them all to be running Vista.  At the same time, Microsoft announcing that 88m people were now with Vista is a pretty strong indication that things are going the right way.  The article at The balance sheet on Windows Vista | CNET News.com is very balanced on both sides.  I thought that it could and would be useful to anyone discussing who should and should not run Windows Vista.  Here is a except that hopefully gives you a flavour of both sides (much more by clicking the above link).  I should point out that recently I have been contacted by NT4 and Windows 98 users :-)

The company said it is seeing some positive signs on the business front, notably a rise in the number of businesses signing long-term deals that cover Windows.

"They wouldn't be signing these agreements if they didn't have the intent to (deploy Vista)," said Mike Nash, vice president of Windows product management.

But while corporations may be planning their Vista move, most large companies that are buying PCs are still immediately reinstalling Windows XP, said IDC analyst Al Gillen.

"That's completely normal behavior," Gillen said, though it has quashed Microsoft's hopes of getting businesses to move more quickly to a new operating system by developing new tools for running compatibility checks and aiding in deployment.

Businesses are "certainly not rushing into it more quickly than they have other Windows (releases)," Gillen said.

Historically, large companies tend to drag their feet on deploying new operating systems, he said, not wanting to be in the leading edge and preferring to wait as bugs and compatibility issues are ironed out. A catalyst for some businesses could be the first service pack update of Vista, due early next year.



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Posted Tue, Oct 30 2007 12:27 AM by David Overton

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