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A comprehensive list of Microsoft Blogs and Web Resources about Security

Ed Gibson pointed this out today - a "to be continually updated" list of Microsoft security blogs that relate to various products from Microsoft -  Security Blog di Feliciano Intini : Microsoft Blogs and Web Resources about Security

1.0 Network Security

1.1 ISA Server
ISA Server Product Team Blog

1.1.1 ISA 2000

1.1.2 ISA 2004

1.1.3 ISA 2006

1.2 Remote Access & Quarantine Services
Routing and Remote Access Blog

1.2.1 ISA 2006 QS

1.2.2 Win2003 QS

1.2.3 Win2003 RAS/IAS

1.3 NAP Solution
Network Access Protection Blog

1.4 VPN Solutions
ISA Server Product Team Blog

Routing and Remote Access Blog

1.4.1 Win2003 RRAS VPN

1.4.2 ISA 2006 VPN

1.4.3 Internet Application Gateway 2007

1.5 Wireless Security
Windows Core Networking Blog

Windows Core Networking Blog

1.6.1 Win2003 IPSEC

1.6.2 Server & Domain Isolation Solution

2.0 Host Security

2.1 Client OS Security

2.1.1 Windows 2000 client security

2.1.2 Windows XP security

2.1.3 Windows Vista security
Windows Vista Security Blog
Windows Genuine Advantage Blog

2.2 Server OS Security
Windows Server Team Blog

2.2.1 Windows 2000 Server security

2.2.2 Windows Server 2003 security

2.2.3 Windows Server 2008 security

2.3 Windows Mobile Security
Windows Mobile Team Blog

2.4 Security Update & Compliance Management solutions
Microsoft Security Response Center

2.4.1 Windows Update, Microsoft Update & Automatic Update Agent
Microsoft Update Team Blog

2.4.2 WSUS
WSUS Product Team Blog WSUS 2.0 WSUS 3.0

2.4.3 SMS & System Center Configuration Manager SMS 2.0 SMS 2003 System Center Configuration Manager 2007

2.4.4 Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer MBSA 1.2.1 MBSA 2.0

2.5 Anti-Malware Solutions (for host systems)
Anti-Malware Engineering Team

2.5.1 Windows Defender

2.5.2 Forefront Client Security
Microsoft Forefront Client Security Team Blog

2.5.3 Windows Live OneCare
Windows Live OneCare Team Blog
Windows Live Safety Center Team Blog

3.0 Application Security

3.1 Application & Platform Core Security
The Security Development Cycle Blog
Microsoft Application Threat Modeling Blog
ACE Team (Security, Performance, and Privacy) Blog

3.2 Client Applications Security

3.2.1 Office Security
Microsoft Office Team Blogs Office 2000 Security Office XP Security Office 2003 Security Office 2007 Security

3.2.2 Internet Explorer Security
Internet Explorer Team Blog IE 6.0 Security IE 7.0 Security IE 7.0 for Windows Vista Security

3.2.3 Instant Messaging Security Windows Live Messenger Security
Windows Live Messenger Team Blog Office Communicator 2007 Security
Microsoft Office Communicator Team Blog

3.3 Server Applications Security

3.3.1 Exchange Security
Microsoft Exchange Team Blog Exchange 2000 Security Exchange 2003 Security Exchange 2007 Security

3.3.2 SQL Security
Microsoft SQL Server Support Blog SQL 2000 Security SQL 2005 Security

3.3.3 IIS Security
IIS.net Blogs IIS 5.0 Security IIS 6.0 Security

3.3.4 Sharepoint Security
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Team Blog Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007

3.3.5 Unified Communications Solutions Office Communications 2007 Security
Microsoft Office Communications Server Team Blog

3.4 Anti-Malware Solutions (for Server applications)

3.4.1 Forefront Server Security
Microsoft Forefront Server Security Blog Microsoft Antigen Forefront Security for Exchange (Exchange 2007) Forefront Security for Sharepoint (Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) Forefront Server Security Management Console

3.5 Online Services Security

3.5.1 Windows Live ID
Windows Live ID Team Blog

4.0 Data Security

4.1 Data Encryption solutions

4.1.1 EFS EFS in Windows 2000 EFS in Windows XP/Server 2003 EFS in Windows Vista

4.1.2 RMS Solution
RMS: Protecting Your Assets. Windows Rights Management Services for Win2003 Windows Rights Management Services for Win2008

4.1.3 BitLocker BitLocker in Windows Vista BitLocker in Windows Server 2008

4.2 Secure Messaging Solution

4.2.1 Exchange Hosted Services

4.3 Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET)

5.0 Security Foundations – Technology
Solution Accelerators - Security & Compliance

5.1 Identity & Access Solutions

5.1.1 Active Directory Security

5.1.2 Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007

5.1.3 Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) in Windows Server 2003 R2

5.1.4 Certificate Services and SmartCard
Windows PKI blog

5.2 Security Monitoring & Auditing Solutions

5.2.1 System Center Operations Manager 2007
Operations Manager Product Team Blog

6.0 Security Foundation – Processes
MOF and Service Management at Microsoft

6.1 Organizational Security & Policies

6.2 Operational Security & Procedures




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