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Data recovery for small businesses by true professionals

A while back I had the pleasure of working with some guys in one of the UK's largest and probably most capable data recovery companies.  They did everything from simple recoveries to physically broken media recovery and proved that the excuse "the dog ate my homework Mrs Teacher" could be proven and recovered from.  Well, that was then.

Now a group from this company, including Justin who I worked with have broken away to create their own small business and they continue to offer a huge amount of experience and are keen to work with SBSC partners to build their network and solutions.  They offer

  • 8 people each with years of experience from one of the leading recovery vendors
  • Clean blench facilities for handling all levels of hardware related data recovery from all storage media.
  • No fix no fee and trade pricing from less than £200 [ed: they did name a price, but I decided you could go talk to them to learn more]. Flexible service options.
  • Standard services turnaround in an average of 2-3 days.
  • Computer forensics and electronic discovery capabilities also.

Justin said to me "I am sure you are aware of lots of companies offering data recovery services at the logical or software fix level, but we are really into the physically damaged drives with issues such as burn out chips on the PCB, head crashes or even seized bearings that most smaller DR companies have issues dealing with."

I've used them for both simple and complex recoveries and it was always worth it.  To contact them go and have a look at Palmer Data Recovery or can also e-mail Justin directly at jreynolds@palmerdata.com.



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Posted Mon, Nov 19 2007 1:41 PM by David Overton

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